How To Holiday The Malaika Arora Khan Way: Beach holiday Fashion

Who does not love exotic beach holidays? And when its about a beach holiday like a place some where Maldives its just like you have reached at a heaven on earth. And a beach holiday is not just about sand, salt, shorts etc. Its much more than that. Holiday fashion plays an important role about the way you carry yourself. so if you’ve got plans to play in the sand and enjoy the waves, but aren’t sure of what to wear, Carry these important beach essentials to holiday on a beach like a celebrity.  Here is some inspiration to get you thinking…


image1xxl (7)


Dresses save the day and nights when on vacation. You can pair these dresses with fancy heels and clutches. From chiffon styles to flirty ones to jersey ones.. you name and it will be perfect.


image1xxl (5).jpg

Inflatable is a must have thing for a beach holiday. Never forget to carry them to be safe than sorry.


image1xxl (2)

This is a personal favorite of mine because i love the look of a all beach cover up. specially these whites complete the look of a beach fashion.


image1xxl (3)

Swimsuits you gotta wear, are available in various options specially those super shorts, neon colours, crazy prints or those black and white lace styles. Where else you gonna wear them if not here?



No beach holiday is ever completed without these. Fitted, loose, super short or long versions there are plenty of choices you can pick from.

  • Bags

image1xl (1)

A massive beach bag is a must have. A cross body bag when you are not at the beach but going out for tour, or going out to eat. Just in case you know.


image1xxl (4)

When it comes to beach holidays i am all for flat shoes, flip flops, Espadrilles. Always pack different pairs to match your outfit.

  • HATS

image1xxl (1).jpg

Hats are a must have for beach holiday. Hats are available in different materials like straw etc.


image1xxl (6).jpg

You can have fun with thin jewellery, stack on coloured bracelets and tons of rings. Also try body jewellery.



Slap a pair of eye shades to protect your pretty face. round shades, mirror lenses, cat eyes are available to name a few.



Give your outfit a completely whole new twist with the bandanas. They just lift the whole look of the outfit you wear.


image1xxl (8).jpg

Try these funky hair accessories to raise your style quotient. these stylish accessories are easily available in the market. these are available in various colours and options to match your outfit.

Hope you got some beach holiday inspiration and helps you take you vacay to the next level. Until then stay stylish and never forget to go glam.




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