Heyy all… Hope you all are doing well. I am back with a new product which all of us tend to use. Well.. It’s the face and hand wipes. Given the Mumbai weather conditions and the hot and humid climate makes the skin really sort of oily and dirty. So having such wipes really help in contributing in the skin care regime. I came across this brand called DUFT and I must say i am really in awe of it as they are harmful chemicals free.


DUFT is the brand marketed by CIYA retail India private limited. This brand believes in providing natural and chemical free wipes to its customers unlike the other brands available in the market which can be sometimes harmful for the skin. The wipes are specially designed to cleanse the skin leaving it soft, smooth and supple. These wipes are premium quality wipes which does not let the skin irritation. Moreover these wipes are approved by FDA. 


Purified water, Glycerin, Castor oil, Vitamin E, Menthol and Methyl lactate, Chamomile natural extract, Citric acid/Tea, Sodium extract, Fragrance etc.


Tear open sachet. Open and unfold wipe. Gently wipe face neck and hands. Discard after use.


These wipes are priced at Rupees 5.00 for a single sachet. You can buy these wipes from HERE.


DUFT is one of the innovative brand which customizes it’s wipe. These wipes are personalized and are perfect for parties, weddings and many other social occasions. These wipes are parabens and alcohol free which are gentle on the skin when used. It contains natural ingredients that are gentle on skin and perfectly removes dirt, grime and impurities and leaves our skin soft, smooth and also gives a fresh feeling. Specially designed spun lace non woven fabric is used in the making of these which gives it a highly sophisticated look. These are travel friendly and i never forget forget to carry out with me when i am out for a longer period of time. These can be carried even to your gym and can be even used for the sports sessions. These wipes are so skin friendly that you even give these to your at school to use given the natural ingredients it has. I have found these wipes really pocket friends because of its contents, sophisticated look and packaging. These wipes are packed in plastic sachets perfectly which maintains the wetness, fragrance and also makes it really easy to carry and use. I would highly recommend these to my friends, followers. The fact that i love about these wipes is that it can be used by people with any age group be it adults or even kids.

Hope you liked reading the reviews and find it helpful. Do share your thoughts about this post in the comments section below as i always love hearing from my followers.

Until then stay tuned as something exciting is coming on your way soon. As i always put it stay glam and stay stylish. For more updates follow me on Instagram and Facebook.


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